Recruiting for Salespeople

Meet Wyatt.  His expression looks like the hiring manager who waited too long to start recruiting to fill their open sales positions.  If you’re waiting for the New Year to hit to start looking for new sales talent, you’re too late.  One of the trickiest positions to recruit for is sales, so when is the best time to recruit salespeople?  The time is right now!

While most companies are in headcount planning and budgeting mode in October, November and December, many salespeople are looking for a fresh start in the New Year.  That means they’re exploring opportunities while you’re in 2018 planning meetings.  Having a vacancy on your sales team for even one-day can have a negative impact on your organization.

Wyatt The industry average time-to- hire has increased to an average of over 65 days so keeping your candidate pipeline filled at all times is critical. Top salespeople only spend an average of ten days on the market before being recruited for their next role.  Building a pipeline of passive candidates takes a strong sourcing engine, so engage with a firm who can work with your in-house recruiting team to help you fill your open positions more efficiently.  We don’t like to see Wyatt looking  disappointed.

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